Delegate your asset and get staking rewards.
We will try to maintain continuous uptime with maximum security.


  • Uptime Commitment

  • Using Hardware Security Module (YubiHSM2)

  • Prevent Double Signing with Key Management Service (KMS)

  • On-Premise Validator & Sentry Server in DataCenter (ASIA)

  • Active & Passive Validator Servers for failover

  • Sentry Node Architecture for DDoS Protection

  • Sentry Nodes hosted in 2 continents (NA, ASIA)

  • Redundancy Power & Router

  • Monitoring & Missed Block Alert System.

  • Periodically backup & snapshots


We are operating validator nodes on following platforms:

MainNet * in order of launched


  • Desmos

  • KIRA Network

  • RocketPool (Ethereum 2.0)


  • Cosmwasm

Contact us

email :

twitter : @westaking_io