Delegate your asset and get staking rewards.
We will try to maintain continuous uptime with maximum security.


  • Uptime Commitment

  • Using Hardware Security Module (YubiHSM2)

  • Prevent Double Signing with Key Management Service (KMS)

  • On-Premise Validator & Sentry Server in DataCenter (ASIA)

  • Active & Passive Validator Servers for failover

  • Sentry Node Architecture for DDoS Protection

  • Sentry Nodes hosted in 2 continents (NA, ASIA)

  • Redundancy Power & Router

  • Monitoring & Missed Block Alert System.

  • Periodically backup & snapshots


We are operating validator nodes on following platforms:

MainNet * in order of launched


  • KIRA Network

  • Juno

  • Sentinel

  • Bitsong

  • RocketPool (Ethereum 2.0)


  • Cosmwasm

Akash Network

We are going to operate one of the sentry nodes for each chain on the Akash Network.
We deployed Akash sentry to Akash DeCloud first and will gradually deploy other chains.

The following is a list of sentries deployed in Akash DeCloud:

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